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Our mission is to provide high quality flooring with an intense focus on customer satisfaction, sustainable design and community awareness.


SN Floors is an exclusive national wholesale distributor of high quality flooring to nationwide. We have global operations with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Changzhou, China; and is quick-ship capable with warehouses in California.

Customer Satisfaction- SN Floors takes the time to ensure high quality product, quick shipping and hundred more product lines. If have any questions or issue arises of products will expedites service in support of customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Design- SN Floors provide new product lines each quarter, almost 80% products are becoming the mainstream of the market.

Community Awareness- SN Floors offers a safe, professional and mutually beneficial work environment for its employees.


A dynamic and experienced national sales team focused on quality and service;
A centralized customer service center located in Los Angeles, CA expediting orders;
A full-time marketing and product research department anticipating design trends, in China and in the U.S;
An extensive quality control inspection regime ensuring top quality in China;
An in-house import/export department expediting customs in China and in the U.S.